This lizard, lying very still, is well-camoflaged amongst the dry leaves of the bush floor. I had the dogs with me, and they were sniffing just a few feet away – fortunately, I was the only one of us who saw it.


Five years or so back, a friend gave me a geranium in a pot as a house-warming present. A leaf got broken off, and I stuck it in another pot and put it out on the verandah, and, as geraniums do, it grew well… until a local wallaby decided that geraniums were quite tasty, and…

Bright caterpillars

I came across two clumps of caterpillars this evening on the eucalypt beside our little dam. Unfortunately, the evening light meant that I had to use the flash to photograph them, rather than natural light. I have no idea if they have any connection with the swarms of insects that I saw on the same…

Frog in a bush

I went out to prune the rosemary bush, and found this small green frog hiding in it. There were actually three on the branch, in varying shades of green, but the others were at an awkward angle to photograph.

Namoi reflection

Yesterday we did a day trip to Warrabah National Park, Barraba and home via Kingstown. No, not an upside-down image – a reflection of a tree in the shallow waters of a Namoi River crossing, downstream from Warrabah National Park. In the Park, the Namoi River winds through the granite hills. This red fungus was…

Cloud layers

Last week’s hail storm didn’t make it out as far as our place, 20+km from town. However, there were plenty of storm clouds around that afternoon. These layers of white against dark gray greeted me as I turned on to our road.

Armidale hailstorm

Yesterday afternoon’s hail storm hit the south-east corner of Armidale, and did a lot of damage in just five minutes. This was the scene on my way home an hour or so after the storm – looking like winter instead of mid-summer. Those trees were full of leaves yesterday morning. Driving was difficult, with cars…